Ramtech’s slab-on-grade process utilizes prefabricated modular sections which are manufactured with the ceiling and walls attached – but without a floor – then transported to the project site and crane set directly onto a conventional concrete slab foundation. This method is best suited for:

  • Grade level entries and appearance
  • Medium to large scale projects
  • Additions to existing structures
permanent modular building diagram


Ramtech’s traditional permanent modular construction approach uses a pier and beam system to construct modular buildings that are designed to have the same amenities, curb appeal, and life expectancy as completely site-built structures. Our traditional PMC system provides for:

  • Faster completion and less cost than site construction
  • Small to medium-sized projects
  • Multiple forms of financing alternatives
permanent modular building diagram


Ramtech’s Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) combines the best of both onsite and offsite construction by bringing together the speed and efficiency of prefabricated buildings with the quality and appearance of site applied interior and exterior finishes. We achieve this by employing simultaneous construction tracks: at the same time a site‐specific, engineered concrete foundation is constructed on the building site, the fabrication of the building sections are taking place in our manufacturing plant.

When complete, the building sections are then shipped to the project location, set onto a pier and beam or reinforced concrete slab‐on-grade foundation, then quickly weathered‐in and finished out. This form of design‐build permanent construction results in a superior facility with lower overall design and construction costs and an accelerated project time frame.


Ramtech also has the ability to integrate our prefabricated Permanent Modular Construction process with other site construction alternatives, such as pre‐engineered steel buildings or concrete tilt‐wall construction. This hybrid construction approach provides the ability to meet additional requirements that cannot be met by exclusively using a modular building. These include facilities which require spans beyond 80 feet, have heavy internal structural loading, require the ability to meet certain types of fire rating codes, or buildings with large eve heights that incorporate more architecturally diverse exteriors. The general construction industry is rapidly recognizing the benefits of integrating site construction techniques with prefabricated offsite construction. By combining these other structural systems with Ramtech’s Permanent Modular Construction Process, the flexibility of the types of projects that can be performed is greatly expanded without sacrificing the speed and cost advantages inherent with modular construction.

permanent modular building construction


  • A 10‐25% reduction in design and construction costs
  • Shortened construction timelines of 25‐40%
  • Quality‐controlled offsite manufacturing
  • Substantially less site disruptions and weather delays
  • Flexibility with regard to critical aspects of the building construction:
    • Accommodates Type V (wood) and Type II (steel) construction
    • May be single or multi‐story and anywhere from 2,000 sq ft. and up
    • Foundation may be concrete pier and beam or slab‐on‐grade
    • Any combination of exterior claddings can be applied


  • Substantially reduced material waste due to negligible weather‐related damage and the repurposing of leftover cut materials for other uses
  • Minimized site disturbances through offsite fabrication of the structure
  • Material chains of custody that are easily tracked and can be incorporated into a LEED strategy
  • Sustainable design features such as reflective TPO roofs, water use reduction strategies, and optimized energy performance that builds on the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code


This time-lapse video represents Ramtech's typical approach to our flagship slab on grade permanent modular construction process. The video is an abbreviated look at the concurrent construction capabilities and how it accelerates the project timeline by allowing the crane setting of the factory built modules even while the foundation work is still taking place. The modular sections are constructed with attached ceilings and walls but without floors, allowing them to be placed directly onto a conventional concrete slab foundation. This allows the concrete slab to become the floor of the structure just like a site-built building. The commercial modular project in the video is a 31,752 square foot residential reintegration center which has a steel clear span design that allows for large open seating and activity areas in addition to two large partitioned classrooms, offices, and a full commercial kitchen.


Like any other building system, Ramtech’s permanent commercial modular buildings are available through various project delivery systems such as design‐build, CMR or CMA, competitive sealed bids and proposals, and on certain projects, a select group of purchasing co‐op programs.

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