Ramtech's relocatable commercial modular buildings provide you with fast, low-cost facility solutions that use our traditional modular construction approach. This process provides for structures that are typically built to a 60 to 80% completion in the manufacturing plant, including the application of most of the exterior and finishes. The individual building sections or modules are then delivered directly to the jobsite and installed on a site specific concrete block foundation system, Once the buildings are set in place and weathered-in, the skirting material is applied and the final finish-out is performed. This traditional modular construction approach can be used for:

  • Type V (wood) and Type II (steel) structures
  • Less costly temporary or relocatable facilities
  • Faster building installations
  • Substantially less site disruption
Our relocatable modular buildings can be used for a wide variety of facility applications and are typically the best choice when you need to acquire a new facility quickly, require a lower cost alternative, choose to lease for a limited period, or plan to move them at a later date.

permanent modular buildings UNT Counseling Offices

Through a vertically integrated approach we can provide you with:

  • Complete in-house engineering and design
  • A manufacturer direct product
  • Full site development
  • Concurrent multi-site project capability
Modular buildings have always been our core competency, whether it's a small double-wide facility or a large multiple building complex. We start each of our commercial modular building projects by performing a comprehensive needs analysis conducted by our experienced team of designers, engineers, manufacturing, and construction specialists. Then, we will develop specific floor plans to create a value-engineered design that will provide you with the type of relocatable modular building that best fits your requirement and budget. By providing all of these services in a single-source solution, you receive the benefits of speed in delivery, the assurance of value, and our complete commitment to quality. Ramtech can assure you that your next construction project will be in good hands with the expertise and experience we bring as the leader in commercial modular building design and construction.


Since 1982 Ramtech Building Systems has been providing modular buildings to all types of public, private, and commercial companies throughout the Southwest. Our long track record has enabled us to meet a diverse set of relocatable modular building requirements whether it's as simple as a portable classroom for schools, or as sophisticated as a large commercial modular office complex. Our design-build modular construction approach can provide your relocatable modular buildings whenever and wherever you need them.

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Ramtech's green building approach for relocatable commercial modular buildings incorporates a number of manufacturing and construction techniques that build in sustainable features to make our facilities more environmentally friendly in a number of areas. It starts with our factory-built process which allows for up to 80% of the building to be completed in our manufacturing plant, resulting in less material waste than if it was site constructed at the project location. Next, the purchasing of construction materials in bulk quantities, and the ability to store them in a protected environment at our warehouse, reduces the onsite theft and weather related damage that would be typical of site constructed projects. Manufacturing the buildings in a factory controlled environment also results in less material exposure from inclement weather, especially to the framing materials. There is also less site disturbance by reducing the amount of time and impact that vehicles and other equipment are required to be on the job site. Lastly, Ramtech's relocatable modular buildings are designed to be easily moved to a new site as needs change, or they can be repurposed for secondary utilization through reconfiguration of the interiors.

A Relocatable Modular Building Testimonial


This project video was narrated by Shawn Thomas, Director of Operations for Life School located in the Oak Cliff community of Dallas, Texas.

When this multi-campus charter school decided to expand their Oak Cliff secondary school location, they chose three 7,424 square foot eight-classroom relocatable modular buildings complete with connecting deck and ramp assemblies. Each facility was designed to include multiple classrooms with a private office, boys and girls restrooms, a storage area, and a computer lab in the designated high school building.