By combining the best features of both off-site and on-site construction, Ramtech's traditional permanent modular construction provides a fast and cost-effective approach when building both small and large-sized facilities. Our PMC process utilizes simultaneous construction tracts where the modular building is manufactured while the required site development and improvements are also being performed. As soon as the site improvements are completed the individual modules are trucked to the site, set onto an engineered concrete foundation, then quickly weathered-in and finished-out on site. Our PMC process for modular buildings can provide for:

Used together, Ramtech's pier and beam permanent modular construction approach provides you with:
  • Type V (wood) and Type II (steel) structures
  • Faster building installations
  • Quality-controlled offsite manufacturing
  • Minimal site disruptions and delays
When performed using design-build project delivery, our permanent modular construction process results in a superior high quality facility with lower overall design and construction costs. It also allows for an accelerated construction time-line which minimizes weather related delays and damage, leads to less site disruptions, and a provides for a greater degree of safety. The result is a high quality well designed structure that, with proper maintenance, can meet or exceed an expected 50-year life span.

relocatable modular building Denver International Airport

Ramtech's permanent modular construction approach offer a comprehensive set of services and benefits including:

  • In-house engineering and design services
  • Onsite construction services with full site development
  • Concurrent multi-site project capability
  • Strong aggregate bonding capacity
  • An industry leader with excellent references
By combining the use of offsite manufacturing with the on-site application of interior and exterior finishes, we're able to produce permanent modular facilities with the same amenities, curb appeal and life expectancy as completely site built structures - but with lower overall design and construction costs and an accelerated project time frame.

Ramtech's permanent commercial modular buildings are available through preferred project delivery systems such as design-build, or in some cases using select purchasing co-op programs including the Texas Association of School Board's BuyBoard, the Houston-Galveston Area Council HGACBuy program, and the Region VIII Education Service Center's TIPS purchasing system.


When you need to acquire permanent facilities we know your budget dollars have to go a long way. That's why Ramtech's traditional permanent modular construction (PMC) approach can be the ideal solution for developing many types of small to medium-sized commercial buildings. With our process, we utilize a simultaneous construction track that combines building the structure offsite in our manufacturing plant while the required site improvements and foundation preparation are taking place at your location. Once these steps are completed, the individual modular sections are shipped to the construction site and set onto the foundation, then quickly weathered-in and finished out to complete the project.

relocatable modular building Denver International Airport


Ramtech's permanent modular construction (PMC) approach can incorporate a number of sustainable features into a commercial modular building's design, manufacturing, installation, site development and finish-out. Our PMC construction method is recognized for substantially reducing materials waste and improving air quality by utilizing a factory controlled manufacturing environment that segregates the building materials from any exposure to inclement weather. The use of a simultaneous offsite and on-site construction process also minimizes disturbances to the environment by reducing the amount of vehicles and equipment that are required at the construction site. Other sustainable features that are typically incorporated into a permanent modular building's design include white reflective TPO roofs to reduce the heat island effect, water use reduction strategies for restrooms, and optimized energy performance that stems from the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. Ramtech has constructed numerous LEED Silver Certified single and multi-story permanent modular buildings ranging in size from 14,000 to over 120,000 square feet.


Commercial modular buildings using Ramtech's traditional permanent modular construction (PMC) approach can be built up to four stories in height, while providing square footage ranges from 2,000 to over 100,000 square feet.

We have completed multistory buildings for commercial, medical, government and institutional clients that have met requirements that are as simple as classroom additions for schools to four-story dormitory facilities used by the military. Our PMC approach also allows the flexibility of joining a multistory building to a non-modular existing building or structure.

permanent modular building US Army Corps of Engineers Multi-Story Dormitory

Building Systems Example Testimonial

Permanent Modular Construction Slab on Grade

Immanuel Lutheran Church Preschool Facility

Rev. John Wilker, Senior Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Ramtech designed a new 6,000 square feet infant and preschool building including an indoor play facility, a children’s worship space, and director offices, in addition to 4 new classrooms. This has enabled Immanuel Lutheran to increase capacity from 80 students to over 140 students.

Pastor Wilker was pleased with the overall project and daily on-site assistance from Ramtech as they oversaw the entire building process. Immanuel Lutheran again looks forward to working with Ramtech in the future as they plan their new expansion of a high school facility. Rev. Wilker recommends Ramtech Building System to any school or church considering plans for new expansion or building needs.