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Relocatable and permanent modular school buildings
for colleges and universities of public, private and charter schools

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Ramtech’s experience in education building construction
includes a variety of solutions that extends throughout the southwest.


Education and School Building Construction

For more than 30 years, Ramtech Building Systems has built a successful record in constructing permanent and relocatable modular school buildings for a variety of education building needs of public and private schools schools, universities and colleges, and vocational schools throughout the Southwest.

Three Versatile Building Systems for Your Education Building Needs

Relocatable and Permanent Modular School Building Construction

Slab-On Grade Permanent Modular Construction

When it comes to big capital expenditures like new school facilities, we know that your construction dollars have to go a long way. Since 1982 Ramtech has been helping public, private, and faith-based K-12 schools, as well as colleges and universities to meet their facility needs for large modular school buildings through the use of our vertically integrated design-build Slab-on-Grade Permanent Modular Construction approach.

The Slab-On-Grade PMC system allows prefabricated building sections to be placed directly onto an engineered concrete slab. We then site-apply the interior and exterior finishes yielding a comprehensive prefabricated construction method that results in significant cost and time savings while meeting all the requirements for:

  •  • Well designed facility layouts
  •  • Applicable building codes
  •  • State guidelines
  •  • ADA compliance
  •  • Environmental regulations


Pier and Beam Permanent Modular Construction

When you need to acquire permanent facilities we know your budget dollars have to go a long way. That's why Ramtech's traditional pier and beam permanent modular construction approach can be the ideal solution for developing many types of small to medium-sized modular school buildings and modular classrooms.

With our process we utilize a simultaneous construction track that combines building the structure off-site in our manufacturing plant while required site improvements and foundation preparation are taking place at your location. Once the steps are completed, the individual modular sections are shipped to the construction site and set onto the foundation, and quickly weathered in and finished out to complete the project. Permanent modular construction offers a great solution for:

  •  Classroom Wings
  •  Administrative Offices
  •  Science Labs
  •  Computer Labs
  •  Health Centers
  •  Cafeterias & Kitchens


Relocatable Modular School Building Construction

Since 1982 Ramtech Building Systems has been providing modular school buildings and modular classrooms to all types of public and private institutions and companies throughout the Southwest.

Our design-build modular construction approach is ideally suited for providing your relocatable modular school buildings whenever and wherever you need them. Our comprehensive approach to temporary and permanent modular school construction takes into consideration a wide range of factors such as:

  •  Proper facility layout and design
  •  Model building code regulations
  •  State education guidelines
  •  Environmental impact regulations
  •  ADA compliance

Education Building Systems Example Testimonial

Relocatable Modular Buildings and Permanent Modular Construction


Project video narrated by Todd Lintzen, Superintendent at Blue Ridge Independent School District in Blue Ridge, Texas.

This video was shot in the science lab of the District's 18,088 square foot middle school, part of a multi-stage modular construction project that also included a two-story 28,200 square foot elementary school building.

Both facilities were designed and constructed using Ramtech's Accelerated Building System prefabricated permanent building method and incorporate a masonry exterior with a split-faced block wainscot to match with the other surrounding structures.

By combining the offsite manufacturing process with the on-site application of the interior and exterior finishes, we're able to produce relocatable and permanent modular school buildings faster and with lower design and construction costs, while having with the same features, functionality, and life expectancy as compared to completely site built structures.