Ramtech has been the leader in the construction of relocatable and permanent modular offices since 1982. We can save you 10 to 25% over site-built construction, while completing your project up to 25 to 40% faster. Ramtech’s vertically integrated design-build approach allows you to work with one company that can design, manufacture, and construct your modular office building to ensure you receive an exceptional value with your complete satisfaction.


Relocatable Buildings

Ramtech's relocatable commercial modular offices provide you with fast, lower cost facility solutions that use a traditional modular construction approach where up to 80% of the building is completed in a manufacturing plant. This includes most of the interior and exterior finishes requiring less finish-out work that needs to done on the construction site. This saves time while also minimizing the amount of site disruptions. Even though they are often frequently considered only for temporary use, modular offices can meet a wide variety of long-term applications for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications as well, from small singlewide buildings to large complexes over 100K square feet. These buildings are highly customizable and can last for years with proper maintenance and upkeep.

Permanent Modular

Both Ramtech's pier and beam and slab-on-grade type permanent modular construction allow for single and multi-story modular offices. Both systems employ a prefabricated factory-built approach with slightly less work performed in the manufacturing plant in order to provide a more finished appearance at the site. Our slab-on-grade process, for larger facilities and additions, utilizes modular sections which are manufactured with just the ceiling and walls but no floor. They are then crane set directly onto a conventional concrete slab foundation. The pier and beam system uses a traditional permanent modular construction approach, allowing the building to be set on piers just above the grade. Both permanent systems provide for faster completion and lower costs than other forms of construction.

Flexibility In Design

Whether it's using a relocatable or permanent building approach, each type of modular construction can provide for flexible floor plan designs that can meet most building requirements. Ramtech is also able to construct modular office complexes using either Type V (wood) or Type II (steel) construction depending on the occupancy and code requirements for the building. With Ramtech's years of diverse project experience, we've been able to develop a wide variety of standard floor plans that can meet many facility requirements exactly as they are, or as a starting point for discussions on developing a completely custom office layout. Either way, the process starts with our ability to offer you our No Cost Project Planning and Budgeting Service to help you get started. This includes developing basic floor plan and site plan designs for you, outlining the proposed building specifications, and providing a preliminary budget for the project.

Industry Applications For Modular Buildings

Portable & Permanent Offices For Schools

  • Administrative Offices
  • Counseling Offices
  • Facility & Maintenance Offices
  • Transportation Offices
  • Police or Security Offices

Medical Office Facilities

  • Administrative Offices
  • Practice Management
  • Rural and Urban Health Clinics
  • Pharmacies and Labs
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Dialysis Centers

Commercial & Industrial Offices

  • Engineering Offices
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Data Centers
  • Operations Centers
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Secure Computing Facilities
  • Work Crew Centers

Government Offices

  • Administrative Offices
  • Military Command Headquarters
  • Data Centers
  • Municipal Courthouse
  • Secure Computing Facilities
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Weather Stations

Purchase or Lease Thru Our Co-Op Partners


Ramtech can provide many of our standard modular offices and other floor plan designs through our affiliations with several network purchasing cooperatives . Each of these programs allow their members to buy and lease a broad range of Ramtech's buildings in the market areas we serve using a prequalified bid schedule. This eliminates the need to go through the lengthy and expensive process that traditional procurement bidding often requires.