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Ramtech Awarded Modular Building Contract For Denver International Airport Terminal Expansion Project

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Ramtech has been selected by the Denver International Airport to build a 38,920 square foot facility as part of the second phase of an upgrade to the airport’s Concourse A Commuter Facility. Ramtech worked with Wong Strauch Architects, PC in a design assist role on developing the Type-IIb modular structure. Ramtech will be responsible for the core and shell construction, including the exterior walls, doors, windows, the interior walls with gypsum board, required shear walls, complete floor and ceiling assemblies, and all the exterior wall and floor penetrations for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems required for the phase 2B work. Ramtech will also be responsible for the installation of the building which will be set on a pier foundation. The building will be built as a co-op effort with Ramtech and other local general contractors. RMD manufacturing will begin construction of the building the first week of May, with the module deliveries to the site starting in early June. The airport plans to use the new modular terminal for a minimum of 5 to 10 years while the permanent expansion of the airport’s Terminal A is developed.

Ramtech Steps Back into Colorado

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It is been quite a number of years since Ramtech has performed any significant work in Colorado, going back to several projects we did in the 90s for Hewlett-Packard and most recently a federal government project for Fort Carson. With the amount of activity in Colorado increasing across a number of market sectors Ramtech will begin looking for opportunities in both the education and commercial markets. Our first project will be for Hirschfeld Backhoe & Pipeline based in Longmont, Colorado. The company has been operating in several Colorado counties since 1972 and provides excavating services for sewer, water mains and storm lines. Ramtech will manufacture and install a 1,680 square foot modular building using our traditional permanent modular construction approach, providing space for four offices, a conference room, break room, and reception area. The building will utilize HardiePanel exterior vertical siding and will be pit set on a stem wall foundation to allow for a grade level appearance. Ramtech will begin production on the double-wide modular building this week and will install the two building sections in March in order to meet a scheduled April completion date.

Meet Ramtech’s Design Group

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The following is a page that was recently added to all of Ramtech’s websites (,, and As a design-build modular provider that produces three distinct product lines (relocatable modular buildings, permanent modular construction and pre-fabricated construction), the demands placed on our design group are significant. While there are many great manufacturing companies in this industry that produce outstanding projects, most specialize in a single product offering. Transitioning from something as simple as a portable classroom to a USACE multi-story Brigade / Battalion Headquarters building is not an easy chore. Seamlessly doing this year in and year out is a significant achievement and one that is often easy to overlook. For that reason, we felt a page devoted to our design capabilities was in order. (more…)

Ramtech Set To Begin Installation of Temporary Elementary Campus at Deweyville ISD

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This week Ramtech is set to begin installing the buildings for the temporary elementary school campus we have constructed for Deweyville ISD.  This project was the result of the district’s needing to meet the challenge of relocating all of their elementary school students to their high school campus as a result of the Sabine River flooding that occurred in March of this year. The relocatable modular education project is a 36 month lease for 11 buildings. Ramtech finished the manufacturing of the final building at the end of last week. The first building to be installed is an 8,064 square foot eight classroom building.  This will be followed by a 6,272 square foot multipurpose facility which will include an administrative section for the elementary school staff and the District’s superintendent. The building will have nine offices and a reception area, four bathrooms, a large conference room, computer lab, and a library. The other buildings include a 5,120 square foot cafeteria with a full-service kitchen capable of accommodating 150 students, and eight portable classroom buildings. Ramtech is also working on developing an 11,410 square foot pre-engineered steel building which will provide gymnasium space and a maintenance garage. Ramtech will be responsible for all of the site preparation including the soil remediation and the installation of a lift station. Ramtech is scheduled to complete the modular portion of the project prior to the start of school at the end of August.

Ramtech Nears Completion on Modular Building Project for Humble (TX) ISD

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Ramtech is nearing completion on a large modular building project that we began last year for Humble ISD.  The $1.47 million project included 13 custom portable double-classroom buildings and a 8,820 square foot instructional life skills facility. To meet the aesthetic requirements of the local neighborhoods of the seven sites where the portable classroom buildings were installed, each were built with 20-year composition roofs that were installed at Ramtech’s outside corral. All of the buildings also have upgraded interiors which include birch wood grain paneling and special low VOC carpet. The life skills facility includes eight classrooms and to fully simulated apartments with kitchens and showers. There is also a conference room, three offices, and a teachers work room. All of the facilities were built to meet a 110 mile hour wind load specification and were procured through the Texas Buyboard network purchasing cooperative. Ramtech will finish installing the last portable classroom building for the project prior to the end of July and we plan to photograph the life skills facility for inclusion in our project portfolio prior to the start of the 2016-2017 school year.

Code Corner – April 2016

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As noted in past installments of Code Corner, the Industrialized Building Code Council has still not convened to formally adopt the next building code edition, but legislation has been passed and signed into law by Governor Abbott setting adoption time limits.  The force behind this law was the State Energy Conservation Office and the Texas Energy Systems Labs’ desire to force the more timely adoption of recent editions of the code with the goal of making buildings more energy efficient in the state.

Since the Bill passed, it will require the authorities having jurisdictions (AHJ) to adopt the most recent edition of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and one can assume that most AHJ’s will adopt the full suite of the I-Codes encompassing the building, plumbing and mechanical codes as well.  As was noted in a prior Code Corner, new editions of the codes are published every three years to incorporate revisions voted on by the ICC membership.  We have been on the 2009 edition for some time; jumping over the 2012 and adopting the 2015 will create some challenges, we anticipate that the areas most affected will be insulation thickness, lighting and lighting controls, along with mechanical equipment we will be allowed to use.

Robert Frick has already been spending time reviewing how our designs will be impacted by the newer energy code, his work will allow us to plan on how it will affect our designs and the cost impact it will have on what we build.  During Robert’s work in reviewing the code and the associated COMcheck software, he has already spotted a discrepancy between the code and the compliance software which will require a revision to the software we are required to use.

At this time it appears that it will be November before the new 2015 Codes will be a requirement for the buildings that enter into production.  But, we will have to start designing to the new standard and pricing our projects accordingly.

Ramtech Profiles Blue Ridge Methodist Modular Church Project

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Blue Ridge Methodist ChurchRamtech was able to get out to Blue Ridge over the holiday and photograph the $1.51 million modular church building we designed and built for First United Methodist Church. Built using our traditional wood-framed permanent modular construction approach, the 10,250 square foot L-shaped facility was recently installed on the Church’s 20-acre site providing them space for a worship center, three offices, eight adult and children’s classrooms, and a daycare center. The church plans to sell their previous facility and property while using the new facility for an interim period until a separate sanctuary and chapel are built adjacent to the modular building. As the general contractor for the project, Ramtech managed all of the site preparation for the new building and parking lot, including the extension and connection of the utilities and the installation of a pad-on-grade foundation. A HardiePanel embossed stucco siding with an elastomeric paint finish was used for the exterior, while the interior was finished with vinyl covered gypsum wall coverings, commercial grade carpet and vinyl composition tile flooring, and a lay-in tile ceiling in the classroom and office areas. The worship area, which also serves the church as a fellowship hall, incorporates a vaulted ceiling with exposed architectural ductwork all painted flat black. Ramtech also provided all of the wood steps, ramps, and landings for the building.

Ramtech Highlights Melissa (TX) ISD Permanent Modular Construction Project

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Melissa ISDRamtech is now featuring as part of our project portfolio the $1.5 million eight-classroom facility we recently completed for the Melissa (TX) Independent School District.  Built using our traditional wood-framed permanent modular construction approach, the 9,018 square foot project is located in the middle school area of the District’s combined campus. The parapet wall design of the building incorporates a full masonry exterior which complements the look of the school’s existing structures while also providing screening of the roof mounted HVAC units.  Ramtech constructed the building with a grade level appearance which allowed for sidewalks and a covered walkway leading to the adjacent building. The interior of the facility includes commercial grade carpeting throughout the building, and each classroom incorporates a black painted accent wall for featuring student work and achievements. Ramtech was also responsible for all of the site work on the project including the extension and connection of the utilities. The manufacturing of the modular school building and site preparation began in late May and the project was finished in the early Fall.

Ramtech Hosts Factory Tour at MBI Modular Construction Summit

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Ramtech was pleased to host a tour of RMD’s manufacturing plant for the attendees of the Modular Building Institute’s Dallas Modular Construction Summit held on November 4th at the Hyatt Regency Dallas hotel and conference center. Ramtech’s Mike Slataper, Linc Moss, Roland Brown, and Gary White fielded questions and provided attendees with a perspective on how we approach the manufacturing of relocatable and permanent modular buildings as design-build construction company. Prior to the attendees arriving by bus at our Mansfield headquarters, Linc Moss gave a presentation on project delivery methods and the pros and cons of using them for modular construction. Linc also provided an in-depth discussion of the Texas rules and regulations on the design-build project delivery system and how Ramtech approaches it. The event, open to both MBI members and the general public, drew a diverse audience that heard from industry experts about the latest trends, techniques, and benefits of offsite construction.

Ramtech Moving Rapidly Through Building Finish-out on Lifestyle Management’s Dallas (TX) Area Residential Reintegration Facility

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Lifestyle building under constructionRamtech is now moving quickly through the building finish-out phase for the new Dallas Transitional Center residential reintegration facility for Lifestyle Management Inc. of Edmond, Oklahoma. The brick wainscot and caps have been applied to the building exterior and interior painting has begun. Electrical crews have completed wiring from the main distribution panel to the interior sub-panels and the plumbing contractor has begun installation of several showers and other fixtures. Ramtech is currently pushing for a December finish on the 31,752 square foot project located on a ten acre portion of an existing Dallas County-owned 57 acre site 12 miles south of downtown Dallas. When complete, the building will accommodate up to 296 clients in a facility that includes four 50-man dorms, three 24-man dorms, one 24-woman dorm, two classrooms, a full commercial kitchen, and administrative office space.