When the Arlington, TX, Independent School District made the decision to move from half-day kindergarten classes to a full-day kindergarten curriculum, they faced an immediate need for double their existing kindergarten classroom space. Ramtech provided 117 permanent modular classrooms across 38 separate campus locations in less than 15 months, with the total project costs coming in under budget for the district. Each building was designed to integrate with the existing architecture, including grade level entries with covered walkways to the main structure.

Building & Construction Details: Permanent Modular Construction

Project Size: 138,432 sq ft 117 buildings across 38 campuses

Construction: UBC Type V UBC Type II

Contract Type: Design-build cost plus with guaranteed maximum price

Facility Use: Kindergarten classrooms

Description: Permanent modular Grade level entries Child-height restrooms and cabinetry Exteriors match existing school finishes

Completion: 15 months

Education and School Building Construction

For more than 30 years, Ramtech Building Systems has built a successful record in constructing permanent and relocatable modular school buildings for a variety of education building needs of public and private schools schools, universities and colleges, and vocational schools throughout the Southwest. By combining the offsite manufacturing process with the on-site application of the interior and exterior finishes, we’re able to produce relocatable and permanent modular school buildings faster and with lower design and construction costs.