Friday, 03 April 2020 / Published in Education, Modular Building, Modular Construction

Ramtech has recently entered into the pre-construction services stage on a two-step design-build delivery contract with the Charlotte Independent School District.  Ramtech was chosen by the district after having been selected through the legally required Request for Qualifications process mandated by Texas state law. This second phase of the design-build process will enable us to work together with Charlotte ISD to design a permanent modular building that will provide for a cafetorium with seating for 250 Pre-K through 12th grade students, and a yet to be determined number of additional classrooms. Once the civil design, geotechnical surveys, and building designs are all taken to the appropriate levels, we will provide a qualified price for the facility and the cost of the project will be presented to the district for acceptance before we commence with the construction phase. (more…)

Monday, 23 March 2020 / Published in Commercial, Modular Building, Modular Construction, Ramtech News
ramtech bost of show modular building

Ramtech President Matt Slataper and Wilmot Modular’s Mike and Kevin Wilmot Celebrate MBI Best of Show Relocatable Award at the 2020 World of Modular Conference

Ramtech is proud to announce that we have received our first ever Best of Show Relocatable award at this year’s MBI 2020 World of Modular annual convention and trade show. The Best of Show award was shared with Wilmot Modular Structures of White Marsh, Maryland who brought the project to us as their joint venture partner. The 4,956 square foot design-build project was constructed and installed by Ramtech for a private energy company in Killeen, Texas. The modular building, designed to be relocated or expanded in the future, will serve as a template for future sites across the United States. In addition to Best of Show, the project also garnered an Awards of Distinction in the Relocatable Modular Office Under 10,000 Square Feet category.

Ramtech also received an Awards of Distinction in the Permanent Modular Special Application category for an in-plant breakroom for Martin Marietta. The 1,080 square foot project, located at the company’s Midlothian, Texas cement plant, was constructed using traditional permanent modular construction with atypical ten-foot-wide modules in order to fit within an area surrounded by the extensive piping and rigging of one of the cement plant’s kilns. The project also required a small on-site construction footprint to minimize the impact on Martin Marietta’s existing operations.

More information on Ramtech’s projects, and the other Awards of Distinction winning entries at this year’s conference, can be viewed on the Modular Building Institute’s website using this link.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 / Published in Ramtech News
remote modular building

Punmu and Parnngurr Aboriginal Health Modular Clinics in the Western Australian Desert

The use of modular construction is the best option when commercial projects are located in remote or rural areas, particularly where specialized construction trades are scare or non-existent. At Ramtech, we’ve been a leader in developing a design-build construction approach that has allowed us to leverage our internal and external resources to successfully complete temporar and permanent modular building projects in some of the most challenging and hard to reach areas. Using a traditional relocatable or permanent modular construction approach – where up to 80-90% of the structure can be completed in the manufacturing plant – gives modular construction a significant advantage over site construction alternatives. This article about two modular medical clinics installed in the remote Western Australian Desert to serve four indigenous communities, provides  an extreme example of what can be done using modular construction to develop and build critical facilities in very distant and remote areas.

Monday, 17 February 2020 / Published in Permanent Construction, Ramtech News
design-build map

The Design-Build project delivery method is now accepted in all but two U.S. States

Nationally, over the last three decades design-build has been adopted by states all around the country. All but two states, Iowa and North Dakota, now permit its use. Ramtech has been at the forefront of using the design-build project delivery method since it was first authorized for public projects by the Texas Legislature in 1995. Design-build has played an integral part in our growth, by allowing us to be a single-source solution in designing and constructing permanent modular construction projects for educational institutions and government agencies across the state. (more…)

Tuesday, 04 February 2020 / Published in Commercial, Modular Building, Modular Construction

In January Ramtech’s Vice President of Engineering Roland Brown was reelected as the Presiding Officer of the Texas Industrialized Building Code Council. Since the council was formed in 1984, Roland is the only representative of the commercial modular industry to ever hold the presiding officer position. He was reelected unanimously by the other ten members on the council, which functions as an advisory board for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation on issues related to the regulation of the industrialized housing and commercial building industries. Originally appointed to the Council by former Texas Governor Rick Perry in October 2010, Roland was reappointed by Governor Greg Abbott in 2019 to serve another two-year term which will expire on February 1, 2021. In addition to his service on the IBCC, he also serves as the President of the Board Of Directors of the Modular Building Institute, the international nonprofit trade association that represents the commercial modular construction industry. Roland is also a member of the International Code Council where he has been an advocate for addressing code and compliance issues that affect the modular industry. Roland began his career in the modular building industry in 1981, and since that time he has developed a long track record of creating unique structural designs which have made significant contributions to the technical evolution of the commercial modular industry.