Permanent Modular Construction
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Since 1982 Ramtech has been providing permanent modular construction services for all types of commercial offices and industrial applications throughout the Southwest. Whether it's for new construction or building additions, our PMC approach can be used to build small to large commercial buildings in a faster timeframe and with more flexibility than other typical forms of construction. From the initial design to the final finish-out, our PMC system delivers a better construction experience by utilizing a vertically integrated design-build approach that provide you with:

  • Our No Cost Project Planning and Budgeting service
  • Standard and custom building designs
  • Significant time and cost savings over other methods
  • Direct points of contact with our project management team
  • Concurrent multi-site construction capability

Ramtech's PMC design-build approach eliminates the need for you to have to manage multiple relationships with architects and contractors typically required with other construction delivery systems. We can manage the entire project, providing all the mission critical services that other modular building companies can't or won't provide. With Ramtech performing all of the construction disciplines as a true single-source provider, you'll recognize greater efficiencies and increased savings together with better communication and a higher degree of customer satisfaction with us.


Blue Ridge ISD Elementary and Middle School Campus

Project video narrated by Todd Lintzen, Superintendent at Blue Ridge Independent School District in Blue Ridge, Texas. This video was shot in the science lab of the District's 18,088 square foot middle school, part of a multi-stage construction project that also included a two-story 28,200 square foot elementary school building. Both facilities were designed and constructed using Ramtech’s Accelerated Building System prefabricated permanent building method and incorporate a masonry exterior with a split-faced block wainscot to match with the other surrounding structures.