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Ramtech Begins Modular Building Installation For Denver International Airport Concourse Expansion

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Design-build construction firm Ramtech Building Systems is well underway on the installation of the 65 modular sections that will make up the new 38,920 square foot modular building for Denver International Airport. The modular construction project is part of the second phase of an upgrade and expansion of the airport’s Concourse A  commuter facility. The concourse building is being built as a co-op effort with other local contractors including Hensel Phelps who is the prime contractor for the project. Ramtech is responsible for the core and shell construction including the exterior walls, interior walls with applied gypsum board, all shear walls, complete floor and ceiling assemblies, and the exterior wall and floor penetrations for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems required for the Phase 2B work. The modular building is being set on a pier type foundation. Ramtech worked with Denver-based Wong Strauch Architects, PC in a design-assist role for developing the Type-IIb modular structure. RMD began the fabrication of the modular sections at the beginning of June which will run through July. The installation phase is expected to be complete by the middle of August. Denver International Airport will use the new modular-built terminal for a minimum of 5 to 10 years while the Airport develops and moves forward with it’s permanent expansion plans.

Ramtech Awarded Modular Building Contract For Denver International Airport Terminal Expansion Project

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Ramtech has been selected by the Denver International Airport to build a 38,920 square foot facility as part of the second phase of an upgrade to the airport’s Concourse A Commuter Facility. Ramtech worked with Wong Strauch Architects, PC in a design assist role on developing the Type-IIb modular structure. Ramtech will be responsible for the core and shell construction, including the exterior walls, doors, windows, the interior walls with gypsum board, required shear walls, complete floor and ceiling assemblies, and all the exterior wall and floor penetrations for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems required for the phase 2B work. Ramtech will also be responsible for the installation of the building which will be set on a pier foundation. The building will be built as a co-op effort with Ramtech and other local general contractors. RMD manufacturing will begin construction of the building the first week of May, with the module deliveries to the site starting in early June. The airport plans to use the new modular terminal for a minimum of 5 to 10 years while the permanent expansion of the airport’s Terminal A is developed.

Ramtech Completes Permanent Modular Building at Louisiana LNG Terminal Facility

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Cameron LNGRamtech recently announced the completion a 16,800 square foot permanent modular office building for Cameron LNG.  The new facility is located at Cameron’s liquefied natural gas terminal site along the Calcasieu Channel in Hackberry, Louisiana. The design-build project was built using our Accelerated Building System (ABS) prefabricated construction method, a proprietary system which allows for the rapid installation of factory-built modules which are a fixed directly onto a conventional concrete slab foundation. The Type V-B blast resistant building features individual private offices that use a glass interior storefront partition system around the perimeter of the interior and a large L-shaped clear span office area for multiple cubicles. There are also two large training and conference rooms, and a separate crew room and locker storage area. (more…)

Ramtech Begins Module Set on Lifestyle Management’s Dallas (TX) Area Residential Reintegration Facility

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Lifestyle Module SetThe speed of permanent modular construction using Ramtech’s Accelerated Building System is on full display as Ramtech began setting the first of 37 modules last week for the new Dallas Transitional Center residential reintegration facility for Lifestyle Management Inc. of Edmond, Oklahoma. To date 23 modular units have already been crane-set into place while the third and last concrete section for the final 14 modules is readied.  The plumbing, fire sprinkler pipes, and secondary water barrier installation have also begun on the 31,752 square foot project, located 12 miles south of downtown Dallas on a ten acre portion of an existing 57 acre site owned by Dallas County. When complete, the building will accommodate up to 296 clients in a facility that includes four 50-man dorms, three 24-man dorms, one 24-woman dorm, two classrooms, a full commercial kitchen, and administrative office space.  The modular building project includes four fully developed acres to accommodate the residential reintegration facility, 40 parking spaces, two basketball courts, and two covered pavilions.

Modular Construction Faces Challenges at Louisiana LNG Site

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Ramtech’s upcoming commercial modular office building project for Cameron LNG, a liquefied natural gas processing facility located in the delta of southern Louisiana, will present some unique structural design challenges. These include resisting wind speeds of 150 mph, the potential of blast forces created by an accidental explosion, and the structurally weak soils that exist at the building location. The Louisiana delta was formed from sediment picked up by the flowing water along the Mississippi River’s path which is then deposited at the river’s end. These soils are loose silts which provide almost no structural strength, certainly not enough to support a modular building let alone the other heavy processing equipment that will exist at the site. This type of environment calls for foundations that are typically supported by piles that are drilled or driven into the ground instead of using spread footings which we use in most of the areas in which we do work.  

Ramtech Finishes Design Work on Lifestyle Management’s Dallas Residential Reintegration Facility

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Lifestyle Management Dallas Transitional CenterRamtech has announced that Lifestyle Management Inc. of Edmond, Oklahoma has approved our design-build agreement to proceed to the first phase of a pre-construction design contract for a new 31,752 square foot residential reintegration facility capable of accommodating 296 clients.  Ramtech has completed both the civil and geo-tech design work and is now approximately 80% complete with the building design. Known as the Dallas Transitional Center, the modular building project will be located on unincorporated land owned by Dallas County approximately 12 miles south of downtown Dallas and will replace Lifestyle’s current 225-bed halfway house with a new facility designed, manufactured and constructed using Ramtech’s Accelerated Building System permanent modular construction method. (more…)

Pedernales Electric Opens New Modular Building From Ramtech

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Pedernales ElectricPedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) has opened the new modular office building that Ramtech built for the company’s existing Marble Falls, TX site. The new 2,255 square foot payment processing office will serve the company on an interim basis while Pedernales Electric evaluates plans to develop a new site in the future to meet their expected growth and customer service needs. The Type V wood frame structure features a canopy-covered vehicle drive-through with a bullet resistant teller window, along with an entrance to the facility that incorporates an ornate set of wood steps and ramps designed to meet all accessibility standards. Heating and cooling of the building is accommodated with a five-ton split system zoned to accommodate the walk-up payment lobby, a large office room, two open office areas, and a break room. The interior office areas are finished out with VCG walls and a combination of VCT and carpet floor coverings, while the exterior utilizes a factory applied HardiePanel fiber cement vertical siding. (more…)

The Key to Successful Commercial Modular Construction

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cab-exteriorThere are many challenges to modular construction, especially commercial modular construction which includes both temporary as well as permanent modular buildings used for schools, hospitals, office and retail facilities.  Here in the U.S. it is challenging enough that the states having different regulatory requirements that control commercial modular construction, however the biggest problem usually occurs when a modular dealer, manufacturer, or general contractor takes on a project that they do not have the past experience to successfully complete.   (more…)

Ramtech’s Contribution to the Evolution of Commercial Modular Construction

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When looking back at the history of commercial modular construction, an evolutionary change began to occur in the early ’80s when the industry was primarily controlled by several large modular leasing companies such as GE Modular Space, and several wholesale modular manufacturers, the largest being Cliff Industries. At that time the only successful multi-plant, direct sale manufacturer was a company called PBS.  But things began to change in 1982, when a steady transformation of the modular industry started to take place led by the establishment of a small modular dealership known as Ramtech Modular Design. Within two years Ramtech had expanded its operations by opening and developing its own modular manufacturing plant in the growing city of Mansfield, Texas.   At that time Ramtech’s mission was simple – stay profitable and remain financially strong, treat its employees well, and provide its customers with the best value engineered modular buildings available. This focus on the fundamentals not only helped Ramtech to prosper, but also supported the development of the modular industry and contributed to the growth of the city of Mansfield. (more…)

Ramtech Completes Permanent Modular Office Facility for Gulf Marine Fabricators

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In March of 2011, Ramtech finished the work on a new 15 module 13,600 square foot modular building for Gulf Marine Fabricators of Aransas Pass, TX, a division of Gulf Island Fabrication of Houma, LA.  The prefabricated building replaced four small temporary facilities that were removed in order to meet Gulf Marine’s contract requirement to provide for an administrative office and engineering support center for Chevron USA during the manufacturing phase of Chevron’s Big Foot deep water offshore platform. Now in the second year of the three year development project, Ramtech recently had an opportunity to visit the Gulf Marine site to check on the building and photograph it for an upcoming project profile and case study.  (more…)