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Ramtech’s New Four-Classroom Modular Building Now On Display

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To provide our customers with an up close and personal look at the features and benefits built into every Ramtech multiple classroom building, we recently installed a new four classroom facility adjacent to our corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant located in Mansfield, Texas.  The modular school building contains finished and unfinished rooms to provide a complete view into how Ramtech designs, manufactures, and installs each of our facilities.  Ranging in size from 4 to 16 classrooms, schools have a choice in how they can meet their facility requirements by using one of our standard floor plan designs or a customized version.  As a full-service design-build construction company, this model building will help provide potential clients with a first-hand look at what can be done when using our approach to relocatable buildings and permanent modular construction.


Relocatability – It’s Where Modular Buildings Shine

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Aldine Cafeteria RegistersOne of the primary advantages of modular construction is the ability to relocate the modular buildings to another location for the same purpose or for some other secondary utilization. This flexibility is now on full display at the Houston-area Aldine Independent School District’s Eisenhower High School, where Ramtech is relocating two cafeteria buildings which were originally installed in June 2013 at the District’s Nimitz High School campus. This was part of the 41,216 square foot project which included four buildings including two at the district’s MacArthur High School. All of the modular cafeteria buildings are being used as interim facilities for six months to a year while the District renovates each of the school’s existing permanent cafeterias. (more…)

Ramtech Completes Modular Building Project for Aldine ISD

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Ramtech has now completed the four new modular cafeteria buildings originally ordered in February of this year for the Houston-area Aldine Independent School District.  Together totaling 41,216 square feet, two modular buildings were installed at the District’s Nimitz and MacArthur High Schools for use as interim facilities while the renovation of each school’s existing cafeterias are taking place.  Ramtech began the manufacturing phase of the $1.9 million modular construction project prior to the end of February and started the site activities during the first part of March.  Since the buildings were completed, Aldine ISD began providing food service to their students prior to the end of the school year and will continue to do so through-out their summer program. (more…)

Aldine ISD Chooses Ramtech’s Modular Buildings During Cafeteria Renovations

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Ramtech has continued to build on its success in the public school sector by securing a new $1.9 million contract to provide four new modular cafeteria buildings to the Aldine Independent School District in Houston, Texas.  Totaling 41,216 square feet, two modular buildings will be installed at both Nimitz and MacArthur High Schools for use as interim facilities while the renovation of the existing cafeterias takes place.  Ramtech will begin the manufacturing phase of the modular construction project prior to the end of February, and will commence the site activities at the beginning of March. We expect to complete the project by April 12th, which will give Aldine ISD ample time to prepare the facilities to begin food service to their students by May 1st. (more…)

Modular Schools for Growing School Districts

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For over 30 years Ramtech has provided schools throughout the southwest with portable classroom buildings. Typically Ramtech keeps over 50 two-classroom buildings (often referred to as double classrooms or portables) both with and without restrooms in inventory for immediate delivery to public, private, and charter schools.  As the largest supplier of portable classrooms in the Southwest, what many schools don’t realize is that Ramtech is also a major supplier of both standard and custom multiple classroom buildings, facilities that include up to 4 to 16 classrooms per building. (more…)

Modular Construction Support for Private and Faith-Based Schools

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With most public schools currently challenged by a lack of funding and inflexible regulations, private and faith-based schools are growing rapidly.  The biggest challenge these educators have is the cost of design and construction for new schools or the expansion of their existing campuses.  The answer for many is modular construction. Using Ramtech’s approach, a faith-based school can receive a high quality educational facility faster, and much less expensive than with site construction.  Ramtech can also provide full design, manufacturing, and site construction, or we can work with the a designated design and construction team.  Modular buildings can be either permanent or temporary, using a raised pier and beam foundation or an engineered slab-on-grade concrete foundation. (more…)

Commercial Modular Buildings and Disaster Relief

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For years, the commercial modular industry has provided temporary and permanent modular buildings to federal, state, and local authorities as a source of disaster relief for areas that were struck by hurricanes, tornadoes, and wild fires.  Many schools, hospitals, offices, and residential communities have benefited from modular buildings since they can be purchased or leased and can quickly be delivered and installed.  (more…)

University of Arkansas Adds Ramtech Modular Building

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Ramtech has now finished the manufacturing phase for a 3,249 square foot modular building that will be used as an education testing lab for the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. The modular construction project is being built under a job order contract (JOC) awarded to the Northwest Arkansas office of CDI Contractors, LLC, with architectural and design assistance provided by Miller Boskus Lack Architects, P. A., both of Fayetteville. (more…)

First Baptist Church Frisco Chooses Ramtech Modular Buildings

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Ramtech made the announcement this week of another large contract for the design, manufacture, and installation of three new modular buildings for First Baptist Church in Frisco, Texas. This continues a string of new projects that have been secured through our continued focus on developing modular church building projects for faith-based organizations. Ramtech was chosen to provide the new facilities in order to meet the demand for additional space because of the churches rapidly growing congregation. The modular church buildings will accommodate FBC Frisco’s requirements for a second worship center, adult classrooms, and additional office and administrative space for the ministry staff. (more…)

Modular Buildings Aid KIPP Charter School Development

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The charter school building boom continues on. Ramtech announced this week that we have secured a new contract for the design, fabrication, and construction of five modular buildings for KIPP Delta Public Schools of Helena, Arkansas. The project will provide for three 8,100 square foot eight-classroom buildings, a 3,600 square foot food preparation and cafeteria facility, and a 3,600 square foot administrative office complex. The modular buildings will be delivered and installed prior to the start of the 2012-2013 academic school year at their new campus location in Blytheville, Arkansas. This will be Ramtech’s second modular school construction project for KIPP, one of the nation’s largest charter school providers serving more than 32,000 students at 109 schools in 20 states and the District of Columbia. The new campus location is part of a four-acre development designed by Stuck & Associates Architects of Jonesboro, Arkansas. Ramtech will provide the modular buildings as a subcontractor to Rowan Construction Services of Marianna, Arkansas the general contractor selected for the project. (more…)