Work with One Company for the Purchasing of Your New Facility

Ramtech's Accelerated Building System prefabricated construction is an ideal method for building contracts, allowing you to work with one company that can both design and build your new facility. We do this through a vertically integrated process that combines our own Architect/Engineering design team and the manufacturing of our own product, together with a highly skilled construction management group that supervises the installation and site work using our own crews. The process starts with our ability to offer you our No Cost Project Planning and Budgeting service.

After an initial programming meeting we provide you with a basic floor plan and site plan design, an exterior rendering of the proposed facility, outlined building specifications, and a preliminary budget. Once the preliminary budget is approved, the design phase begins with a fee that rarely exceeds 2% of the preliminary budget amount. A more in depth programming meeting and design review will then take place in order to bring the design to an 85% completion level. This will allow a final price to be presented to you in the form of a Stipulated Sum (fixed price) or a Guaranteed Maximum Price. Once the design and final pricing are accepted, the design is completed to 100% and the construction phase will begin.

permanent modular building Blue Ridge School

This single-source co-op purchasing approach yields:

  • Substantially reduced design and construction costs
  • Minimized change orders
  • A faster project completion time
  • Superior quality with enhanced safety
  • Greater sustainability and a greener project approach

Ramtech has developed an extensive resume of prefabricated construction projects across multiple industries that have used the co-op purchase delivery system. We've been able to develop a truly unique and superior solution for our commercial, government, and institutional customers. Our single-source approach streamlines the entire process and takes the guesswork out of what you spend, by providing a firm fixed price before any construction activity ever takes place.


When comparing the price of a permanent commercial building project, the costs associated with the design, building construction, and site improvements must all be considered. A Ramtech sales representative will work with you to help you identify financing options that can work to meet your specific needs and situation.

Should you decide to purchase your permanent modular building you can do so directly from us or in many cases through select local, state, and regional network purchasing cooperatives that we are vendors for. These co-ops allow their members to buy and lease a broad range of products and services using the bid schedules of pre-qualified vendors, eliminating the need to go through the lengthy and expensive process that traditional bidding requires. Using current internet-based technology, the co-ops streamline the purchasing process while also leveraging their members collective purchasing power to receive the best pricing available. A broad selection of Ramtech's permanent modular buildings are available directly from us through our contracts with the Texas Association of School Boards Buyboard, The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) and the Houston-Galveston Area Council HGACBuy programs.


At Ramtech, we're committed to helping you explore the different financing alternatives that will help meet your needs and financial situation. Our permanent modular construction allows for acquiring your commercial modular buildings through flexible forms of financing including finance leases. A finance, or capital lease, is a lease-to-purchase arrangement that allows for 100% financing of the modular building which allows you to complete the investment without a capital expenditure.

At the end of the fixed lease term you can simply purchase the modular building for $1. Ramtech's extensive relationships with third-party finance companies provides you with the financing alternatives that often result in a greater degree of flexibility for increasing the size or adding additional features to your permanent building projects.

Building Systems Example Testimonial

Permanent Modular Construction Slab on Grade


Project video narrated by John Lazenby, School Superintendent at Glencoe Public Schools located 80 miles west of Tulsa in Glencoe, Oklahoma.

This video was shot in the library of the District's elementary school building, a facility which was designed and constructed using Ramtech's Accelerated Building System. The 6,272 square foot six-classroom facility was part of a rebuilding program that replaced some of the district's original facilities.