Permanent School Building of Complete Campuses

Prefabricated construction is ideally suited for permanent school facilities, but if you need a complete school campus that includes buildings like gymnasiums, cafetoriums, or theaters it may not be suited for these types of structures. That's where using a hybrid approach that combines our Accelerated Building System with site construction alternatives such as a pre-engineered buildings or concrete tilt wall comes in. This allows for the instructional, administrative and support areas to utilize our ABS system while the adjacent areas that require heavy internal structural loading or tall eave heights are met using a site-built approach. This marriage of offsite and on-site construction allows us to take full advantage of both systems so you'll get a value-engineered project that has lower costs and can be completed within an accelerated timeframe.

permanent modular building Blue Ridge Elementary School

Complete Development of Education Campus Facilities

In education there are many factors that influence the performance of both educators and students. Ample resources, curriculum, organization, classroom management, and instructional strategies all impact the level of learning and educational outcomes. But the development of the right facility layouts, particularly for a complete school campus, also play an integral part in creating a learning environment that can support the required activities while complementing the users' needs, objectives, and preferences. Ramtech's Accelerated Building System (ABS) design-build construction method was developed to meet these needs by providing prefabricated modular school buildings with:

  • A 10-25% reduction in design and construction costs
  • A 25%-40% shorter construction timeline
  • Substantially less site disruption than other methods
  • An ideal solution when expanding existing campuses
  • Procurement compatibility with a number of different project delivery methods


When comparing the price of a permanent commercial building project, the costs associated with the design, building construction, and site improvements must all be considered. A Ramtech sales representative will work with you to help you identify financing options that can work to meet your specific needs and situation.

Should you decide to purchase your permanent modular building you can do so directly from us or in many cases through select local, state, and regional network purchasing cooperatives that we are vendors for. These co-ops allow their members to buy and lease a broad range of products and services using the bid schedules of pre-qualified vendors, eliminating the need to go through the lengthy and expensive process that traditional bidding requires. Using current internet-based technology, the co-ops streamline the purchasing process while also leveraging their members collective purchasing power to receive the best pricing available. A broad selection of Ramtech's permanent modular buildings are available directly from us through our contracts with the Texas Association of School Boards Buyboard, The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) and the Houston-Galveston Area Council HGACBuy programs.