Ramtech developed this 6,550 sq. ft. modular building to use as living quarters while the base’s existing facility was remodeled. The temporary nature of the project mandated a limited permanent impact to the site, requiring the building to be easily disassembled and relocated. The building provides for 19 bedrooms and a private office, men’s and women’s restroom/locker-rooms, laundry room, janitor’s closets, a full kitchen, dining/day room, and fitness room. Using a double-loaded corridor layout, a combination of 12′ x 64′ and 12′ x 56′ modules were installed end-to-end, then perpendicularly connected to an off-set wing of 12′ x 62′ modules installed side-by-side. This allowed for the construction of the building utilizing only nine modules with no required site construction.

Building & Construction Details: Relocatable Modular Building

Project Size: 6,550 sq ft

Construction: Type V-b

Description: Temporary fire crew quarters

Completion: 200 days