Built using pier and beam permanent modular construction, the 15,232 square foot L-shaped facility provides space for the program’s regular and Early Head Start children. Started in 2001, Sweetwater’s Head Start program was originally run in the district’s oldest building which became too expensive and costly to maintain. The new facility provides 15 classrooms with a full administration area with three offices, reception area, and conference room. Ramtech utilized R-Panel metal siding in a parapet wall design for the exterior, while the interior was finished with vinyl covered gypsum wall coverings, commercial grade carpet and vinyl composition tile flooring. Heating and cooling of the building is accommodated by multiple split systems zoned to provide maximum efficiency.

Building & Construction Details: Pier & Beam Permanent Modular Construction

Project Size: 15,232 sq ft

Construction: Type V-b

Contract Type: Purchasing Co-op

Facility Use: Infant to Pre-K childcare

Description: 15 classrooms, office space, admin and reception areas, conference room

Completion: 100 days