When Martin Marietta required an in-plant breakroom that was more conveniently located to their common work areas, modular construction was deemed the best option in order to limit the impact to their 24/7 plant operations. Ramtech was able to design and install a 1,080 square foot facility with ten-foot-wide modules that fit into an area between the extensive piping and rigging of one of the cement plant’s kilns. R-panel metal siding and painted serrated OSHA-compliant stairs and ramps were then used to aesthetically blend in with the metallic look and feel of the surrounding structure. The interior features a large open break room and two restrooms, all with matte finished ceramic tile floors and a combination of a grey tile wainscot and FRP on the walls for easy cleaning.

Building & Construction Details: Relocatable Modular Building

Project Size: 1,080 sq ft

Construction: Type V-b

Contract Type: Negotiated

Facility Use: Employee Breakroom

Completion: 28 days