Organized as a charter school, Life School serves over 4,000 students at five locations around the Dallas, Texas area. When the school decided to expand their Oak Cliff area secondary school, they chose three 7,424 square foot eight-classroom modular buildings complete with connecting deck and ramp assemblies. Purchased through the Texas Buyboard and built using traditional modular construction, each facility includes a private office, restrooms, storage area, and individual classrooms with a computer lab in the high school building. The buildings utilize nine wall-mounted HVAC units zoned for energy efficient heating and cooling, and include factory installed 26-gauge R-panel metal siding on the exterior, vinyl composition gypsum wall coverings, and durable high traffic carpet flooring.


Project Size: 22,272 sq ft Three buildings

Construction: IBC Type V-b

Contract Type: BuyBoard

Facility Use: Classrooms

Description: Middle and high school classrooms Wall-hung HVAC units R-Panel exterior vinyl covered gypsum interior

Completion: 60 Days