When Gulf Marine Fabricators needed to replace four small temporary buildings at their sprawling South Texas ship channel facility, they chose Ramtech to design, manufacture, and install this 13,600 square foot relocatable modular building complex. The 15 module facility is part of Gulf Marine’s contract requirement to provide engineering office space for approximately 75 Chevron USA personnel who will oversee the construction of the topsides for a dry tree Extended Tension Leg Platform that will be used in the $4 billion Big Foot deep water oil and gas development project in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The modular building features 72 private offices, two conference rooms, an IT server room, and a large records storage area.

Building & Construction Details: Permanent Modular Building

Project Size: 13,600 sq ft

Construction: IBC Type V-b

Contract Type: Design-build

Facility Use: Engineering office space

Description: R-Panel exterior siding VCG walls VCT tile flooring

Completion: 120 days