Ramtech developed this variation of our industry standard double classroom building with the school district and Pfluger Architects. Significant changes to the design of the standard portables include an open ceiling with an exposed painted truss and spiral ductwork, and pendant lighting with full height projected windows for more natural lighting.

Each room is outfitted with a sink and extensive plastic laminate casework, and Kinetex composite tile flooring was used for longer wear. A connecting corridor serves a vestibule with a common restroom, allowing for shared space while helping with sound attenuation. The heating and cooling are accommodated using split systems for each classroom. The exterior uses multi-colored R-Panel metal siding and roof overhangs with a soffit.

Building & Construction Details: Relocatable Modular Construction

Project Size: 3,072 sq ft

Construction: Type V-b

Contract Type: Purchasing Co-op

Facility Use: Portable classrooms
Description: Modified version of standard double classroom with one restroom and connecting corridor

Completion: 30 days