Diamond Shamrock – San Antonio, Texas

Located on their sprawling corporate headquarters campus in San Antonio, Diamond Shamrock needed to expand their retail record storage capacity and provide for additional administrative and engineering space due to an acquisition.

Ramtech provided a cost-effective solution using a design-build cost plus (with guaranteed maximum price) contract for a permanent modular facility in a fraction of the time it would have taken using traditional site construction. The result is a 19,800 square foot permanent modular building with an open office layout incorporating a ten foot ceiling height, and integrated sound baffling to eliminate white noise. The facility also includes a large conference room, separate offices, microfiche viewing area, and restrooms.

Building & Construction Details: Permanent Modular Construction

Project Size: 25,000 sq ft

Construction: UBC Type V

Protected Contract Type: Design-build with stipulated sun

Facility Use: Child Development Center

Description: Permanent modular Full steel construction Stucco exterior, mist cooling systems in courtyards and play areas

Completion: 175 Days