Completed in under 90 days, Ramtech installed two relocatable cafeteria buildings at both Nimitz and MacArthur High Schools for use as interim facilities while the renovation of each school’s existing cafeterias took place. Aldine ISD used the four modular buildings for approximately one year then repeated the process at another high school while the renovation of its cafeteria took place. The interiors of the buildings were finished with VCG walls and an Armstrong Corlon heavy duty sheet vinyl on the floors to accommodate the high traffic use. Each featured a full commercial kitchen, space for four food serving lines, and ample seating in the dining areas. To make the project as cost-effective as possible, after the renovations were completed each of the cafeteria buildings were taken apart and reconfigured into double-wide portable classroom buildings.

Building & Construction Details: Permanent Modular Construction

Project Size: 4,1216 sq ft

Construction: Type V-b

Facility Use: Full service cafeterias

Contract Type: BuyBoard

Description: Cooking and food preparation area four service lines storage area and private office

Completion: 90 days