A Major Milestone in Commercial Modular Construction

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Recently, Ramtech Building Systems celebrated a major milestone:  we manufactured our 16,000th modular building section.  Founded in 1982 as a trailer leasing company that purchased modular buildings from wholesale manufacturers, Ramtech opened its own manufacturing facility in Mansfield, Texas in 1985.  It has since manufactured both temporary and permanent modular buildings for commercial, industrial, educational, medical, and government applications. 

From our first day in business, Ramtech’s primary goal was to develop unique prefabricated buildings that met the unique needs of our customers.  Our first major success entailed the redesign and manufacture of portable classroom buildings for Texas Independent School Districts.  School districts at the time were contracting with construction companies to build portables classrooms in one piece on the school’s property. When the school had to relocate the portable building, they would contract with a house mover, an expensive process that was geographically limited by the width of the building.  In addition, a one piece site-constructed portable classroom was typically limited to moves of 1-10 miles.

Ramtech saw an opportunity to provide school districts with a product that was built off site, was less expensive, could be relocated short distances in one piece, or moved long distances in two sections.  This allowed a school district to sell the buildings when the additional space was no longer required or lease the modular buildings if their need was short term.

In 1985, while working with the Arlington Independent School District, Ramtech developed a high quality, two section portable classroom building.  The AISD School Board voted to give Ramtech an order for two proto-type buildings.  To date, twenty-seven years after the first order, AISD continues to purchase their portable classroom buildings from Ramtech.  Ramtech became the largest supplier of temporary classroom buildings in the SW and remains so today.  Our modular classroom buildings are built to the same commercial building codes that site buildings use, and today Ramtech’s current floor-plan and design specifications are used by 90% of public and private schools in Texas.

Advantages of Ramtech’s Modular Classroom Buildings:

  • Ramtech inventories 40-60 new modular classroom buildings year round
  • New inventory classroom buildings can usually be delivered and installed in 2-3 weeks
  • The cost of a new Ramtech portable is 20-30% less than a site built portable
  • State approved engineered designs are accepted throughout Texas cities as well as most cities in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico
  • Relocation is much easier and much cheaper
  • Available for purchase or lease through purchasing co-op’s like BuyBoard, HGAC Buy, TIPS/TAPS, GSA, Advantage and TXMAS
  • Ramtech’s portable classroom buildings are recognized as the highest quality product available
  • Available in temporary or permanent designs, from 2-16 classrooms under one roof
  • Ramtech has excellent customer, banking, and bonding references

For more information go to:    http://www.ramtecheducation.com/


Gary White is Vice President of Sales & Estimating at Ramtech Building Systems, Inc.  He has been in the commercial modular industry for 33 years and is responsible for the management of all sales and estimating efforts across each of Ramtech’s key market segments: Education, Government, Medical, and Commercial.

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