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Ramtech's Distinct Building Systems

  Relocatable modular buildings are often the best answer for when public or private users are looking for short term or semi-permanent alternatives for increasing their space requirements. For over 30 years Texas-based Ramtech Building Systems has provided more commercial modular office buildings, portable school classrooms, medical offices and clinics, and government buildings than any other modular building manufacturer in the Southwest. Our clients include public, private, charter, and faith-based educational institutions, healthcare providers, local, state, and federal government agencies, and all types of commercial enterprises. Whether you're looking for something as basic as a portable classroom or an entire multi-unit office complex our experienced designers, engineers, and construction professionals are ready to help you with all your facility space requirements. And, many of our relocatable modular buildings are available in standard floor plans for purchase or lease through our affiliation with some of the leading state and local purchasing cooperatives.
  Ramtech's traditional permanent modular construction brings together the best of what on-site and offsite construction have to offer in order to create well designed, high-quality facilities that will easily meet a 50-year life expectancy with the proper maintenance. Our building process lowers the overall project design and construction costs while accelerating the completion time by utilizing a simultaneous construction approach where the modular building sections are manufactured while the site construction improvements are taking place. This allows for a permanent modular construction approach that reduces the amount of weather-caused delays and damage, minimizes disruptions at the site, and delivers a greener building approach with a higher degree of safety. As a full-service design-build construction company we take a value engineering approach to each job we do, offering our customers a full range of options and services from the initial floor plans to the final walk-through. Every step of the way we aim to make sure that your building project is within your budget, completed on time, and meets or exceeds your expectation.
  Ramtech's Accelerated Building System process is a prefabricated construction approach that brings together the best aspects of offsite manufactured buildings and traditional site construction to provide for a faster project delivery while recognizing significant savings in both design and construction costs. We start with prefabricated building sections with attached ceilings and walls - but no floor - which are crane-set directly onto an engineered concrete slab-on-grade foundation. The concrete slab then becomes the floor of the structure, providing a grade level appearance just like a typical site-built building. Once the building sections are secured to the foundation and weathered in, we complete the process by applying all of the exterior and interior finishes. By utilizing this approach, we can complete your construction project much faster while also providing you with the look, functionality, and life expectancy equivalent to various forms of site-built structures. As with our traditional permanent modular construction approach, the Accelerated Building System can also accommodate a multitude of different types of floor plans and facility requirements whether you're located in a large urban environment or in a remote rural location.