Inside The Blueprint takes a look at Ramtech's design and construction process that connect their clients to functional, appealing buildings. This video segment originally aired on November 14, 2020.

Inside The Blueprint is a fast-paced series that takes a sweeping look at innovations in the commercial construction and design spaces, chronicling ideas and products that impart how we live, work and play.

Inside the Blueprint, Dallas Fort Worth


This time-lapse video documents the typical work elements that are performed on a commercial building using the slab-on-grade permanent modular construction method. It includes each stage of the process, including the crane-setting of the off-site manufactured modular sections onto an engineered concrete slab foundation. Using this advanced modular building approach yields facilities that are structurally and architecturally equivalent to site constructed buildings, while achieving lower overall costs and up to a 40% faster completion schedule.

Slab-on-Grade Permanent Modular Construction

Relocatable and Permanent Modular Building Videos

Multiple Portable Classrooms Construction

Relocatable Buildings

This video shows the typical configurations for relocatable modular buildings that are used for education facility requirements. Relocatable modular buildings provide a fast, lower cost facility alternative using a traditional modular construction manufacturing process. In this case up to 80% of the building is completed in a factory, including most of the interior and exterior finishes. This approach requires less finish-out work at the construction site, which saves time and minimizes the amount of site disruptions. These facilities can be used for temporary or interim use requirements and can be acquired through multiple forms of financing including operating leases. The benefits of relocatable modular buildings include:

  • Type V wood or Type II steel
  • Cost-effective for temporary uses
  • Fast building installations
  • Least amount of site disruption
Modular Set and Slab Prepration

Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent modular construction can be performed utilizing either a pier and beam or slab-on-grade approach for developing small to large-scale commercial structures. The slab-on-grade process is typically used for larger facilities and utilizes modular sections which are manufactured as a three-dimensional structural compound with walls but no floor. These are then crane set directly onto a conventional concrete slab foundation. The pier and beam system uses a traditional permanent modular construction approach, allowing the building to be set on piers just above the grade. Both permanent modular construction systems provide for faster completion and lower costs than other forms of construction with the benefits of:

  • Grade level entries and appearance
  • Small to large scale projects
  • Additions to existing structures
  • Faster completion and less costs

modular building application videos

West ISD, West Texas

Disaster Recovery

Relocatable modular buildings provide quick solutions and immediate delivery after damage resulting from flooding, tornadoes, blast explosions and other types of disaster events. They can serve as an interim replacement, enabling more time to plan for permanent structures that need to be repaired or replaced. Ideal for many types of education, healthcare, government and commercial uses.

Clary Sage College exterior

Building Additions

Modular construction can be used to add on to existing structures for both single and multistory applications. This video shows an example of how the slab-on-grade permanent modular construction approach was used to add a two-story addition to a college campus. Disruptions at the school were reduced by using off-site manufacturing of the structure which results in a shorter overall construction timeline.