Relocatable Modular Buildings
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Building Green

Ramtech's green building approach for relocatable commercial modular buildings incorporates a number of manufacturing and construction techniques to build in sustainable features that make our facilities more beneficial in a number of areas. By using a factory-built process where up to 80% of the building is completed in the manufacturing plant, less material waste occurs given that construction materials are purchased in bulk quantities and stored in a protected environment that reduces theft and environmental exposure at the jobsite. The manufacturing of the buildings in a factory controlled environment also results in less material exposure to inclement weather, especially with the framing materials, and results in less site disturbance by reducing the amount of time and impact that vehicles and other equipment have on the jobsite itself. Our modular buildings can also be repurposed for secondary utilization either through reconfiguration for a new a purpose or by relocation to a new site.


Ramtech's Relocatable Multiple Classrooms

This video provides an up close and personal look at the features and benefits built into our multiple classroom designs. Ranging in size from 4 to 16 classrooms, they can be used to meet a wide variety of temporary or long-term use requirements by using either our standard floor plans or a customizable design. Individual classroom buildings can also be designed and constructed to address requirements for computer and science labs, administrative offices, and specialty classrooms for all age groups.