Ramtech Building Systems, Inc.

Less Costly Modular Construction

Average Cost Savings of 20-50% Compared To Site Construction

A Significant Cost Savings

When comparing the price of a building project, the design expense, building construction, site improvements, and the projects opportunity costs all must be considered. What you'll find is that no one form of construction is best or least expensive for every situation. However in many cases, modular construction consistently provides a significant cost savings over other building methods. This is because using prefabricated modular buildings can take advantage of greater labor and material efficiencies, while providing for a faster construction timeframe that reduces the on-site costs. With a vertically integrated Ramtech modular construction project, you can expect an average cost savings of 20% to 50% compared to typical site construction.

More Services for Your Money

As a vertically integrated company, Ramtech provides everything including space planning and design services, manufacturing, site construction, and the installation and finish-out of your new building. This allows us to control the cost at every step of the building process, saving you time and money while providing an exceptional value. So when you're looking for the most cost effective approach to use for your next construction project, let us show you how Ramtech's modular construction approach is the right choice

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