Ramtech’s Modular Buildings Now Available thru the GSA

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Ramtech Building Systems is proud to announce our new contract award (GS07F0108Y) with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules program.  The GSA is the primary agency of the U.S. Government that is tasked with developing best price buyer’s contracts to maximize the value and minimize the costs associated with procurement for all government agencies. The GSA Schedule has a large variety of products at pre-negotiated or “most favored customer” (MFC) pricing, available from select government-approved companies. Government contracting officers determine whether prices are fair and reasonable by completing a comparison of price and non-price factors that a company offers the government with those that are offered to commercial customers. Government buyers are then able to make purchases knowing that the GSA has managed the entire process and all the associated legal obligations that go with it. Ramtech’s modular building offerings will be listed under Schedule 56, defined as “Buildings and Building Materials, Industrial Services and Supplies.” This is a broad category that encompasses everything from complete buildings to alternative energy solutions. 

Ramtech has selected four Special Item Number (SIN) classifications that will list our products under a subcategory referred to as “Pre-Engineered, Prefabricated Buidings & Structures.” Our one, two, and four-doctor clinics will be listed under Classification 361-10D which includes structures designated as medical facilities solutions for the military and disaster/emergency response. Our toilet trailer facilities will be part of category 361-10H which encompasses restrooms, showers, and laundry solutions. Both the clinics and toilet trailers products will also be part of category 361-10E, a diverse category for professional facilities solutions that will include all of our multiple classroom and private office complex designs. To facilitate the procurement of the installation of the buildings, Ramtech will also be listed under category 361-32 which allows for the installation and site preparation for pre-engineered and prefabricated buildings and structures. As with all GSA contract holders, Ramtech will be required to meet a minimum Schedule 56 sales goal of $25,000 each year. To aid us in meeting this requirement, we are in the process of listing ourselves on the GSA Advantage website, the government’s premier online shopping system. The GSA Advantage program aids vendors by providing instant access to all the high quality products, services, and solutions from thousands of approved commercial vendors. We also plan to provide modular construction product information to government procurement personnel by building a database of their email addresses in order to communicate through blast e-mail campaigns.

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