Prefabricated Construction
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Sustainable Construction

Ramtech's Accelerated Building System prefabricated construction approach can incorporate a number of sustainable features into a commercial building's design and construction. Our ABS process is recognized for substantially reducing materials waste and improving air quality by utilizing a factory-controlled manufacturing environment that segregates the building materials from the exposure to inclement weather. The use of a simultaneous offsite and on-site construction process also minimizes the disturbances to the environment by reducing the number of vehicles and equipment that are required at the building site. Other sustainable features that can be incorporated into a prefabricated building's design include white reflective TPO roofs that reduce the heat island effect, water use reduction strategies for lavatories, and an optimized energy performance that builds on the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. Ramtech has constructed several LEED Silver Certified single and multistory prefabricated buildings ranging in size from 14,000 to 120,000 square feet.


Blue Ridge ISD Elementary and Middle School Campus

Project video narrated by Todd Lintzen, Superintendent at Blue Ridge Independent School District in Blue Ridge, Texas. This video was shot in the science lab of the District's 18,088 square foot middle school, part of a multi-stage construction project that also included a two-story 28,200 square foot elementary school building. Both facilities were designed and constructed using Ramtech’s Accelerated Building System prefabricated permanent building method and incorporate a masonry exterior with a split-faced block wainscot to match with the other surrounding structures.