Prefabricated Construction
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Multistory Buildings

Multistory commercial buildings using our Accelerated Building System prefabricated construction process can be an ideal solution especially when available construction space is limited or you need to add on to an existing structure. Our multistory buildings can typically be constructed up to four stories, providing square footage space up that often exceeds over 100,000 square feet. Ramtech has completed multistory facilities for permanent school applications such as multiple classroom additions and complete campuses, multi-physician healthcare facilities, corporate commercial campuses, and headquarters facilities for the U.S. Military.


West ISD Temporary Middle & High School Campus

Project video narrated by Marty Crawford, Superintendent at West ISD in West, Texas. This video was shot in the district's middle school science lab, one of 17 relocatable modular buildings that were designed, manufactured, and installed by Ramtech in the wake of the massive fertilizer plant explosion that destroyed the district’s middle and high schools. The 69,776 square foot modular construction project includes three 10-classroom buildings, four computer and science labs, two locker room buildings, administrative office the cafeteria, band hall, and a content mastery building.