Prefabricated Construction
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Hybrid Construction

Ramtech also has the ability to integrate our prefabricated Accelerated Building System process with other site-construction alternatives such as pre-engineered steel buildings or concrete-tilt wall construction. This hybrid construction approach provides the ability to meet additional requirements that cannot be met by exclusively using a prefabricated building. These include facilities which require spans beyond 80 feet or have heavy internal structural loading, the ability to meet certain types of fire rating codes, or buildings with large eve heights that incorporate more architecturally diverse exteriors. Used together, Ramtech's hybrid construction approach provides you with:

  • Options for developing larger mixed-use facilities
  • A 10-25% reduction in design and construction costs
  • Shortened construction timelines of 25-40% over traditional methods
  • Substantially less site disruption than other methods
  • A greener construction approach to the project

The general construction industry is rapidly recognizing the benefits of integrating site construction techniques with prefabricated offsite construction. By combining these other structural systems together with Ramtech's ABS process, the flexibility of the types of projects that can be performed is greatly expanded without sacrificing the speed and cost advantages inherent in prefabricated construction.


Life School Oak Cliff Multiple Classrooms

Project video narrated by Shawn Thomas, Director of Operations for Life School located in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas. When the charter school decided to expand their secondary school, they chose three 7,424 square foot eight-classroom relocatable modular buildings complete with connecting deck and ramp assemblies. Each facility has a private office, restrooms, storage area, and individual classrooms including a computer lab in the high school building.